Can I afford a Doulas Support?

Can I afford a Doulas Support?

A common misconception about doulas is that they are only for high-income families. 

As a doula, I provide prenatal support, prenatal meetings, birth preference investigation & creation, labor and birth support, two weeks of postpartum support, and more.  I value the privilege of getting to be a part of a woman’s birth experience tremendously and feel every woman deserves support. This is why I have researched and decided on a pricing model that is not only fair to my clients, but also fair to my family and myself, so that I can provide the best care possible to each client.  There are so many ways an expectant mom can achieve her dreams of having a doulas support through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


Some Examples of How to Afford Juniper Birth Doula Services:

  1. Follow Juniper Birth on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to stay up to date with discounts and promotional offers. I’m all about a good deal; I know my clients are too. 
  2. Add Doula services to your baby registry. It’s amazing when family members show their support for new families by helping them gain the care they value most.  
  3. Set up a payment plan. Don’t have the whole doula fee right now? That’s all right, let’s work out a payment plan!
  4. Barter goods and services. If you provide a service or goods, let’s talk the about the potential of trading.
  5. Use your tax refund. It’s the adult version of Christmas. Treat yo’ self & get yourself something awesome, like a doulas support.
  6. Use HSA or FSA.
  7. Use credit. If you are comfortable with using acredit card, this could be an option!
  8. Check to see if your insurance covers a doulas services. More & more insurance companies are covering doula services because they are seeing the undeniable proof that their support lowers Cesarean rates.
  9. Ask friends and family to help support the birth you want, by donating to your doula fund
  10. Simplify & sell things you don’t use anymore. There might be some thing that are not baby friendly even! Make space, provide a safe place for baby, and gain doula support all at once!
  11. Cut back on non-essential spending. Cutting back on those target dollar area binges could greatly benefit your doula fund!  

If you are still feeling uncertain about your ability to hire a doula, contact me. Let’s talk  & figure out options.

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