5 Fantastic Placenta Facts

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The evidences from this study suggest that aromatherapy, as a complementary and alternative modality, can help in relieving maternal anxiety and pain during labor. 

Anxiety stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and releases stress related hormones such as noradrenaline, cortisol and adrenaline, which consequently increase the severity of labor pain as well as the duration of labor (). Therefore, finding a way to provide a maximum pain relief feeling and calmness, with the minimum complications, is one of the most important issues during labor ().

1. Clary Sage

the word whenua in Maori means land as well as placenta

burying the placenta, its the tree of life, planting it with a tree conenction. 

2. Peppermint

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3. Lavender

Vakiliain et al. and Ahmadi et al. showed that inhalation of lavender essential oil significantly decreased pain intensity during labor (,). Yazdkhasti et al. also indicated that aromatherapy with lavender essential oil significantly decreased pain intensity during labor ()

Another study showed that lavender aromatherapy massage significantly reduced the pain intensity in the aromatherapy group compared to the aromatherapy-free massage as the control group (). 


37. Lamadah SM, Nomani I. The effect of aromatherapy massage using lavender oil on the level of pain and anxiety during labour among primigravida women. Am J Nurs Sci. 2016;5(2):37–44. []

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