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Jenni Jenkins is a Birth Arts International Birth Doula, Certified Flame Effects Operator, Performing Artist, Child Care Provider, & Fire Breathing Mother to her little dragons. While juggling isn’t her forte (yet), Jenni thrives juggling the exhilarating lifestyle her family has built.

Jennifer takes pride in empowering women & families through her work as a doula. She serves the Central Oklahoma City community of women & families who are searching to take their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum options into their own hands through the support and resources of a doula specific to their birth experience goals.

Known for her kind & energetic nature, Jenni also works with children & homeschools her children with the support of her co-op community. The best way to learn is through play, and Jenni is crafty at turning exciting playtime into learning adventures.

The Jenni Jenkins Blog exists to provide beneficial information to families about a myriad of topics including pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Yet, this blog goes beyond just your typical parenting topics! You will get to peak at the adventurous lifestyle that Jenni and her family lead as well as learn about topics like Growth Mindset & Movement Arts!


Jenni is a proud member of the Thrive Mama Collective, a health and wellness collective located in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District.
The Thrive Mama Collective “strives to help families thrive – from considering to expecting to parenting– by offering a comprehensive list of pregnancy and postpartum services.”
& TMC really has an amazing amount of resources for the central Oklahoma community including midwives, lactation consultants, doulas like Jennifer, therapists, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, placenta encapsulation, prenatal and postpartum massage, and more!

Jennifer participates in group meetups and hosts classes & groups related to doula topics.

After falling in love with Flow Arts and Circus Arts in 2017, Jenni has embraced the benefits of creative movement fully in her family’s everyday life. Her passion has extended to teaching others all the wonderful ways that practicing a movement art can positively affect your life & your community. This passion led to Jenni working as the Social Media Manager, Article Writer, and Twitch Stream Team Member for the Flow Arts Institute. Jenni’s articles are about community topics for the flow arts world. She hopes to benefit her community by providing helpful information that can be useful for all flow artists.


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