I serve the Central Oklahoma community of birthing people & families who are searching to take their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum options into their own hands through the support and resources of a doula specific to their birth experience goals.
It is the combination of my experiences as a qualified birth and postpartum doula & mother of two, that helps me in empowering women’s lives in my community, by providing clients with emotional, physical, and educational support. My own birth experiences with and without a doula enlightened me on how crucial a doula’s support is to achieving an empowered birth.

After graduating high school, Jenni attended Ohio University & Louisiana State University for a bachelor’s of science in Wildlife and Conservation Biology. During which she worked for the United States Forest Service in Louisiana. While Jenni intended her life path to be days full of adventures into the forests to save endangered species, plans changed after she personally experienced traumatic births with her two children.

After seeing the care model that women expect to encounter during their pregnancy experiences, Jenni decided things needed to change for the better. The first step was to change career paths and devote her life to fighting for women’s rights during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

The trauma of Jenni’s experiences, while unfortunate, lit a fire in her heart for supporting and empowering women. She feels very passionately that every woman deserves to be supported regardless of how she chooses to experience birth. It gives Jenni profound joy that she has the opportunity to be welcomed into such an intimate and life changing event in others lives in order to provide support.
There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of a new life entering the world.

“I am here to empower my clients with emotional, physical, & educational support not tainted by bias so that they can decide what options are best for their family.”

Getting to work as a birth professional is Jennifer’s heart work. She looks forward every opportunity to refine her skills and knowledge in order to better serve her clients’ needs. Also, seeing previous doula babies flourishing gives Jenni an astonishing feeling of happiness.

Jenni’s days may not always be full of woodland adventures in the way she had thought, But it is full of hard, inspiring work that touches her heart & soul in ways that she could not have thought possible. While the experience that brought her to this work was traumatic, she has taken that trauma & turned it into power for her fellow women and families.

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