My Journey into the Fire

The Spark

My journey as fire artist began in January 2018. I spun my friends fire fans for the first time during a fire flow session & it felt exhilarating & I was hooked!
When my partner invited me to attend a Full Moon Jam in Deep Ellum Texas, I couldn’t say no. On the 5 hour drive to Deep Ellum, my partner (an experienced artist & instructor) and I, went over the intricate details of fire safety. We even watched several videos on fire performances where things went terribly wrong and he had me find every mistake made that could have prevented the catastrophe.

Full Moon at Deep Ellum

Texas is home to seriously talented artists! I was nervous about being so new to fire and being amongst such talent, but I knew that this community was welcoming. This was the first time I was going to see artists other than my close friends spin fire, and most importantly, Breathe Fire.

The night was incredible! It was freezing, but well worth it. I was even part of a ‘fan take over’ and I felt so supported and encouraged by my fellow artists. Towards the end of the night, all of the fire breathers entered the fire circle and did a massive fire pass. Seeing this all in person was mind blowing but what completely did it for me was seeing Izzy May and Chabuku perform! Not only were they massive fire partner goals, but fire breathing goals in general! I was inspired & craved more knowledge.

Kinetic Fire 2018

Kinetic was everything I could have hoped for and more! My partner and I roadtripped all the way from Oklahoma to Southern Ohio to attend. When we arrived, it was raining and we had to set up our tent and pack all our supplies to our camping area in the rain, yet we were still SO Ecstatic about what was waiting for us.

We woke up, bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning with our other friends from Oklahoma, and rushed off to the first workshops of the day, coffee in hand. I learned Whip from Bethany Burns and April Choi, Fans, lollipop lyra, pole, went to a fire safety meeting, and attended an Advanced Fire Breathing Workshop with Dragoonis Flame.

I wouldn’t know at the time what a game changer this advanced fire breathing workshop was going to be. Not only did I gain serious knowledge on the art, but gained a dedicated fire mentor and became a part of an important learning community.

The Fire Circle

My First Festival Fire Circle was at Kinetic Fire, the biggest FAI Festival. Thankfully, I was so new to flow arts and the community, I wasn’t able to be nervous about the raw talent surrounding me everywhere I went at this festival. My first time spinning fire, I belly danced with my fire fans. I was so nervous prior to entering that circle, my knee caps were shaking. Although, right before entering, a voice in my head reminded me ‘This is supposed to be for fun,!”
Thankfully, a wonderful friend of mine, Jamie, caught my first fire spin on video!!