How to Become Fire Safety Certified

How to become fire safety certified

What is Fire Safety?

If you are a flow artist wanting to become a fire artist or if you are already a fire artist and want to educate yourself on the best practices to keep yourself and others safe, this is the post for you.

Festivals that host a fire circle will require you to attend a fire safety workshop before being allowed to burn a fire prop in their fire circle. This is to keep you, other artists in the fire circle, and the audience safe. If you have attended one of these workshops, you are already familiar with some of the common concepts that fire safety workshops will go over. For example,

– Dressing safely in the fire circle

– Proper fuel depot practices

– Safe fire circle behavior

& more!

Knowledge is Power!

The Flow Arts Institute website offers a thorough Fire Safety Video Course & Online Certification for only $20. (If you run a performance business, this is an easy tax right off)

The course written by Howard Chen, MD, is about two hours of material with 11 sections. Each section has a video & a test after each video. The sections go over topics like fire-safe clothing, how to set up a fuel depot, and how to spin off safely, etc, in fine detail. You will also learn important concepts like the ‘Fire Tetrahedron’.

Safety & Professionalism

The certificate you receive after passing the course is a great addition to a Professional Fire Performer’s Fire Binder. Really, having any paperwork that shows that you are educating your self on safety & keeping others safe, shows professionalism to those employing or working with you.

Personally, as a professional fire performer, I appreciate having this safety certificate in my fire binder, I feel more confident in working as a fire safety for fellow artists and coordinating fire events.

Often, the danger of practicing fire arts is undervalued. Education on how to keep yourself and others safe from harm and potential death is invaluable. So, go check out this course HERE today!

Stay safe & Have Fun 🔥❤️

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Jenni Jenkins – Sekine is an Oklahoma Student Midwife, Midwives Assistant, Birth & Postpartum Doula, and Child Birth Educator who serves her Central Oklahoma  community. She began her journey as a student midwife in 2022 at the Midwives College of Utah.

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