Jenni Jenkins Sekine Student Midwife

Hey there! I'm Jenni.

I spent my childhood immersed in the magic of the Appalachian mountains, exploring caves and creeks, and dreaming of a day when I could sustain myself from the land and make a forest cove my home. My journey took me to Athens, Ohio, where I felt at home as a student at Ohio University, working towards my BA in Wildlife and Conservation. Later, after starting a family, my path led me to serve my community as a doula and eventually a trained midwifery assistant in Oklahoma. The holistic health principles of midwifery, combined with my passion for nature and nurturing life, seamlessly transitioned into launching my own apothecary and farm with my family.

Dragons Hearth Homestead is the culmination of years of meticulous planning and dedicated skill-building to operate a full-scale, off-grid farm. This website is designed to share our family’s dream and transition from a small urban farm to a fully-fledged, family-operated homestead for others who may be dreaming the same thing.