Blossom and Root Homeschool Year

blossom and root homeschool

Our disappointment with Epic Charter Schools

My kiddos have been homeschooled their entire school career. Until recently we used Epic Charter Schools for our school basics. Epic seemed like a great option for our kids initially because they paid for all of their curricculum, extracuricculars, and learning supplies. Yet, every year it began to become more and more difficult to homeschool with Epic because they became increasingly computer centered. Last year, their Epic teacher wanted them to spend so many hours on the computer a week, that most of my kids’ day was spent trying to get them to focus and stay still looking at a computer screen. This felt terrible and led to so many fights. This was the antithesis of what I wanted for them in their educational journey. 

At the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, our Epic Charter School teacher informed me that my son would need to be doing 15-20 hours of online work a week. This doesn’t include supplementals, extracurriculars, reading time, and more or the 15 hours my first grader would need to complete. After the previous year, I decided things would be very different and I was not going to suffer fighting with my kids to sit and stare at a screen. This is how I found the Blossom and Root homeschool curriculum for my kids!


Blossom and Root Homeschool Curriculum

Finding a curriculum that encompassed our family’s ideals and embraced nature and movement seemed like a tremendous task, especially when you add in trying to find a homeschool curriculum that is completely secular. Thankfully a nature-centric parenting group on facebook was discussing Blossom and Root on a thread and I immediately went to check it out.  Not only did I fall in love with the curriculum, but it was also on sale for the autumn! My husband and I decided to go ahead and purchase the curriculum for each child and begin planning for the new year.

blossom and Root is Respectful of Indigenous culture and history

Another huge selling point for me about Blossom and Root was that it was so respectful of indigenous culture and history. You will not find your typical elementary school glorification of Christopher Columbus (a man who never stepped foot in the US and was stripped of his titles by the Spanish for his brutality to indigenous and Spanish colonizers in his time) in this curriculum or falsehoods surrounding colonization based history books. 

Not only is Blossom and Root respectful, the material is very intentional about students learning about all cultural backgrounds. The book lists for each grade level are full of diversity of authors and inclusive story telling.

One of the core books we use is ‘Creation Stories from Around the World’. My kids loved getting to learn about the native creation story ‘Sky Woman’. 

Our First Blossom and Root Homeschool Year

As our school year progresses I will be sure to update my blog with our homeschool adventures and how Blossom and Root is working out for us as a family! At this point in October, we are still really enjoying the school work and projects. It has been such a relief to spend time together during school and not stressing out or fighting with my kids. They also seem to really be enjoying their school and getting to deep dive into subjects that greatly interest them. Kids are such natural scientists, I am so glad this Blossom and Root curriculum embraces their natural ability to investigate the things they are passionate about. 

Want to Learn more about the Blossom and Root Homeschool curriculum?

If you would like to learn more about the Blossom and Root curriculum and feel it might be a good fit for your family, Please CLICK HERE to visit their website!