OKC Doula Client Reviews

I am incredibly privileged to work as a birth doula & postpartum doula in my Oklahoma community! Every day, I feel grateful for the families who put their faith in my ability to provide them support as their birth doula through one of the most beautiful chapters in life. These reviews can be found on my Doula Business Facebook as well.

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"I will be honest and say that I didn't realize how necessary having a doula was until after all was said and done. I now look back on the labor (and everything leading up) and can not imagine doing this without Jenni by my side. Knowing that I'd have someone who was not only knowledgeable about the whole process, but also 100% on my side, was just a constant comfort. My OB actually had surgery a few days before I went into labor and was unable to make it to my birth. Knowing that Jenni would be there helped me to feel calm about this and she proved to be invaluable. Nurses are in and out during labor and your OB is only there for the very end but a doula is by your side the entire time so they are so so important. Jenni encouraged me to move when I needed to move, rest when I needed to rest, to breathe and relax and remember my strength. She supported me, my husband, and my mom as we welcomed my sweet little boy into the world.I was constantly impressed by Jenni's knowledge about pregnancy and birth. She went over a very detailed birth plan with me so that she knew exactly what I wanted and expected with my birth. She explained anything I didn't understand, made sure I understood the options fully, and then supported my decisions. Thinking about labor and birth causes most people anxiety but having Jenni as my doula provided me with a sense of comfort throughout my pregnancy and during delivery! If you're on the fence about hiring a doula- I'd highly highly encourage you to hire Jenni. You won't regret it!"
"So glad Jennifer was there to support me through my labor & help make sure my birth preferences were honored. Could not have done it without her. In addition to physical & emotional support during labor, she also helped during pregnancy & helped me find the resources I needed for healing postpartum. Called her a few days after the birth @ 2 AM for breastfeeding help & she came right over! My wife & I agree: hiring a doula was the best decision we made."
"I knew I wanted an epidural/hospital birth and so I wasn’t sure if a doula was right for us, but boy was I wrong! Jenni was great! She was in the room the whole time and even ordered a special peanut ball in time for my labor. Even though I had to have an epidural earlier than I wanted due to high blood pressure, she was still instrumental in helping get me into the best positions and move my baby down into my pelvis. Even the nurses were impressed with her knowledge and wanted to learn all they could from her. She was very supportive to my husband as well and helped coach me through pushing. Most importantly, when my Dr was ready to give up on me (and I on myself) and recommend a c section, she stood up for me and I was able to deliver my son vaginally. She even stayed with us after the birth until lactation could come. Could not recommend more!!"
Rya & Alex
"We hired Jenni to be our doula for our second child and we are both SO GLAD that we did! I can't imagine having done it without her!! She was everything we needed in a doula and more. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. It never felt like we just hired some person to come help with the birth it felt more like we had a trusted friend who happened to know how to support us in each moment. Thank you, Jenni!"
"Thank God Jennifer was my doula and there for the birth of my son, Caden. She showed my husband how to help me make it through excruciating contractions and coached me throughout my long labor. I would highly recommend her."

"Jenni was fantastic as our doula. I had a great experience with the birth of my daughter and I couldn’t have done it without her. She made herself available, sent us information and research and we had a couple appointments before she went on call. I am grateful Jenni was our doula!!"
"We wish we could rewind time 6 years so she could have been our Doula for both of our kids. She is kind, caring and makes the whole experience comfortable. We absolutely recommend Jenni!"
"Jenni's postpartum services are wonderful. We welcomed our second child in July and my 2 1/2 year old son was having a difficult time adjusting to his new baby sister. Jenni helped provide support during this transition by caring for our baby girl. It gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with my son while he adjusts to this change. She has three young children of her own so she has experience caring for babies, toddlers and young kids. She's provided me with tips/tricks on soothing techniques and lactation support for my baby. She has also given me different websites and ideas to help educate my younger son. From day 1 I have felt completely comfortable with allowing her into our home to care for our baby. I highly recommend her services!"
"I'm still processing my birth, as it took some unwanted turns due to medical complications towards the end of my pregnancy. So I'm not sharing a lot of details- but I will say briefly that I cannot imagine going through labor without Jenni there as my doula. As a SMBC, I didn't have a partner, and with all the chaos of a pandemic, I couldn't have my mom there. I really didn't have anyone that could be there... So I had Jenni and my midwife at the hospital with me. There were some "tools" I wish I'd utilized, in hindsight, and some tools that proved incredibly helpful. Jenni breathed with me and when I need to make noise, she made noise with me. As someone who was anxious about that, it really helped me. She came through for me in a lot of ways, beyond what a doula would probably normally so. So I'm incredibly thankful. Thank you Jenni, for all your support!"
"I feel I should open this review by stating that Jennifer is a dear friend of ours. A new friend, sure, but one that quickly became part of our close-knit friend family. That being said, I want anyone reading to understand that pregnancy and birth are too important an experience to give a misleading review, so I hope you'll trust that the experience I share here is from as neutral a point of view as I can give.
Jennifer worked with my wife Cassie and I to educate and prepare us for our first, which would be a natural birth at Mercy Memorial Hospital. She heard our concerns and made sure we advocated for the sort of birthing experience that we wanted, and to not stand for people directing us toward inducement or a C-section unless medically necessary. Frankly, the way that women are disempowered all throughout their pregnancy, up to and including the birth, is insane. Between a hospital-sanctioned birthing 'class' elsewhere that taught people that Pitocin and epidurals are mandatory for any birth, and the strange tendency of people to want to share horror stories of their own experiences to a mother and father-to-be, Cassie and I were becoming emotional wrecks, expecting to be overruled by nurses and doctors when the day came.
Without the wise words and support from Jennifer to guide us toward confidence in what we wanted, I believe we would be telling a horror story much like so many others. Instead, her presence became a beacon of calm for both of us - and kept this husband from multiple panic attacks. Jennifer at times was more or less my own super-filtered Google search for all things baby-related, removing the horror stories and WebMD doomsday predictions to instead provide me evidence-based reasoning about what was really happening. The pregnancy became an experience of reassuring clockwork, moments of "Oh, yes, this is exactly what is supposed to happen" instead of me trying to apply dramatic Hollywood hospital scenes to real-life situations.
The ultimate experience you're getting from hiring Jennifer is a feeling of preparedness for your pregnancy and birth, something I don't think I have the words to underline enough. Support is empowerment. Empowerment is knowledge. Knowledge is calm. And calm is the absolute key to a natural birth.
After 12 hours of labor, our son Rowan was born at 7 lbs and 19 inches. Jennifer was there with us the entire time, helping with massage during contractions and mantras to remind Cassie of her strength. Despite everyone's top-notch work, we did encounter obstacles at the end. Rowan was born with some fluid in his lungs and developed a bacterial infection. This, I was told, is extremely common. He was put on oxygen while his lungs dried out and was given antibiotics to clear the infection. A stay in the NICU, no matter what for, is a stressful time. And again, Jennifer was always a source of comfort and reassurance any time we felt that we had failed or lost our way.
Cut to today, and we have a happy, healthy 6-week old boy. He's growing so fast, and I genuinely don't think I would feel as capable of doing all this without the services provided by Jennifer throughout. This review is really the least I could sing her praises, and if you're on the fence at all about hiring a doula for your own experience I hope my long-winded sharing has prompted you to do yourself the immense favor of hiring her."