Nurture postpartum support group by thrive mama collective doula Jenni Jenkins

Nurture: A Postpartum Support Group By Thrive Mama Collective

I am thrilled to be hosting a new postpartum moms meet-up at Thrive Mama Collective in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District on Wednesdays at 11am to 1pm!
At this meet up, parents will get to meet with Thrive mama professionals like myself and talk about their postpartum experiences as well as ask questions about postpartum topics. Postpartum can be a time of challenging new obstacles even to parents who have already been through postpartum before. Having the support of a  group of individuals who are going through similar experiences as you and professionals trained on the topic can be a huge help in getting through the newborn stage.  


As a postpartum doula, it is goal to help parents conquer the new obstacles and support them through postpartum so they can be present and enjoy the special moments of having a newborn. If you think you may need more support than a postpartum support group, please read about my Postpartum Doula Support services.