Milk Moms OKC Breastfeeding Support Group

Milk Moms OKC Breastfeeding Support Group
Have you been looking for breastfeeding support in Oklahoma City during your and your little one’s breastfeeding journey? The Thrive Mama Collective’s Lactation support staff facilitates a breastfeeding support group called Milk Moms OKC. These meetings take place via a zoom group meeting so you can join in wherever you are located.
Building a support network for your breastfeeding journey can be impactful in a positive way. Milk Moms is a great option because you can meet other parents on a similar journey and ask questions. You do not have to worry about harmful or incorrect information being given out because the groups are monitored by and facilitated by Thrive Mama Collective lactation professionals.  
Milk Moms OKC is facilitated by specially trained lactation support staff! You are welcome to drop in virtually any time between 10 am and 11 am to get help and talk with other parents! The Milk Moms OKC breastfeeding support group provides a safe place to come together and share experiences and knowledge or ask for advice. Expecting parents are strongly encouraged to attend these virtual meetings as this will help them prepare for those first days and weeks with a breastfeeding newborn. 
I will be present during these meetings as a doula & breastfeeding mother myself! I love getting to chat with other moms and oftentimes we all end up feeding our babies at the same time. Originally, prior to Covid 19, I loved attending meetings in person because many of my doula babies joined the groups. It was so great getting to see how each baby was growing up and checking in with their parents to see how they were doing on their parenting journey.  
While I was pregnant with my daughter in 2019, I was thrilled that I would get to bring her to Milk Moms and other similar meetups. Things turned out a little differenlty than I expected but we can all still meet virtually from the comfort of our homes on Zoom!
I hope it will be safe to meet for Milk Moms in the future sometime soon so I can bring my own little one. 
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Upcoming Milk Moms OKC Breastfeeding Support Group MEetings

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OKC Birth Doula Jenni Jenkins

Jenni Jenkins – Sekine is an Oklahoma City Bereavement, Birth, & Postpartum doula and Child Birth Educator who serves her Central Oklahoma  community.   She is also a midwifery assistant with Holistic Birthing Services and began her journey as a student midwife with the Midwives College of Utah in 2022. 

Jenni is also the creator & facilitator of the Kaleidoscope OKC LGBTQ Family Support Group & the Nurture Oklahoma Live Interview Series.

To learn more about Jenni, please click here.