Cloth Diaper Basics Class

Interested in cloth diapering but not quite sure where to start?  

As a mom who has been cloth diapering for 7 years and a doula who has helped clients start their cloth diaper journey, I would love to help show Oklahoma City families how easy cloth diapering can be. Cloth diapering benefits our families, community, and world! 

This is a class for families where I join you at your home and bring examples of different diapers so you can see and touch the different material and try out prepping diapers. 

My birth and postpartum doula clients receive a discount on this class. 

OKC Cloth Diaper Basics Class

After taking this course, families will:

  • Understand the myriad of benefits to using cloth diapers 
  • Know where they can buy cloth diapers locally and online
  • Understand the different types of cloth diapers and common brands
  • Explain the different types of cloth diapering material and decide which may be best for them
  • Stuff/prep different types of diapers
  • Understand how to put a cloth diaper on their baby and change the size of diapers (if applicable with style of cloth diaper)
  • Wash and dry their cloth diapers in a way that protects the diapers lifespan
  • Understand what detergents are best for cloth diapering use
  • Know what NOT to do with Cloth Diapers
  • Repair cloth diaper covers
  • Utilize & wash wet bags 
  • Know how to cloth diaper when going out of the home with baby

Class Fees

Current Doula Clients: $25 

Non-Doula Clients: $40

(Families who utilize WIC and SNAP services receive this class free of charge.)

Please feel free to contact me to schedule your class or with any questions Here.