OKC Mom’s Blog Event, Bloom 2019 Summary

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Connecting New & Expecting Moms to Local Resources at OKC Mom's Blog

This morning, I had the opportunity to attend the OKC Mom’s Blog event, Bloom, with the Thrive Mama Collective!
Bloom was held in order to connect Central Oklahoma moms & families to resources pertaining to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. From what I experienced today, they did an amazing job doing so! To read more about the Bloom Event or find out more about OKC Mom’s Blog, Getting to attend this morning meant being surrounded by SO many beautiful expecting mommas and SOOO many precious new babies! Can I say that it is hard not to have baby fever when surrounded by such loving mommas and their sweet little ones?!

Thrive Mama Collective table at OKC mom's blog event Bloom
Thrive Mama table at Bloom OKC MOms blog event
OKC Doula Oklahoma Doula

I was also thrilled to see a plethora of baby carriers! My heart always melts when I spot a teeny tiny baby all snuggled up on mom in their ring sling, with their little poofy hair sticking straight up!
and! Whiskey Cake Restaurant also attended & their table was giving out MY FAVORITE drink, ‘Little Pink Drink’! I was over the moon getting to sip on this delicious grapefruit drink while talking with mommas!


My own little Dragons came along with me today, & I am not sure who had more fun! Thank you to Just Kids Pediatrics table next to us for letting my kiddos hang out with your kids under the table, eating candy, and playing Minecraft! What a fun way to spend a workday with mom!

Thank you to all the moms who let me gush over how beautiful your babies are!


Also, It makes my heart so happy to be able to attend these events and help moms connect to invaluable resources like ALL of the amazing classes and group meetups that Thrive Mama Collective hosts.


Connecting women to resources that will empower them is one of my favorite parts of my job as a Birth and Postpartum Doula!
Thank you for the wonderful time connecting to our community Bloom & OKC Mom’s Blog!

Jenni Jenkins OKC Doula and kiddos leaving the OKC MOMs blog Event Bloom
OKC Birth Doula Jenni Jenkins

Jenni Jenkins – Sekine is an Oklahoma Bereavement, Birth, & Postpartum Doula and Child Birth Educator who serves her Central Oklahoma  community.   She is also a midwifery assistant with Holistic Birthing Services and began her journey as a student midwife with the Midwives College of Utah in 2022. 

Jenni is also the creator & facilitator of the Kaleidoscope OKC LGBTQ Family Support Group & the Nurture Oklahoma Live Interview Series.

To learn more about Jenni, please click here.