Oklahoma Family Hike in the Wichita Mountains

Oklahoma Family Hike

Last year, my family and I adventured out to the Wichita Mountains to hike up Baldy Point. My husband had previously been to the Wichita mountains before as a Boy Scout or with the Norman Medieval Festival group so he was familiar with the park. This was the kids and my first time out to the mountains though! 

The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is located in southwest Oklahoma in Indiahoma and preserves “approximately 60,000 acres of mixed grass prairie, ancient granite mountains, and fresh water lakes and streams”.

Beautiful views from all around you

Wichita Mountains Oklahoma

It seems that no matter where you look, there is a gorgeous view to gaze at! Both of our big kids had a fantastic time being king or queen of the mountain after climbing up huge rock faces of boulders.  This was a definite plus for  a family hike since some hikes feel boring to little kids when it feels like you are just walking forever. This family hike felt more like exploring an outdoor playground to them!

Plus, just when you think the views couldn’t get better, they do on top of Baldy Point where you can see everything as far as your eye can see. 

The Perfect spot for a picnic

Family Hike Oklahoma

We packed a picnic before heading out to the Wichita Mountains. Of course after over an hour drive to the wildlife refuge, the kids immediately wanted to eat their packed lunch. So we  grabbed all out lunch stuff and had lunch right near the water. Lunch quickly turned into searching for little lizards that were darting in between all the rocks and boulders.

The photo above is actually right near the parking lot of Baldy Point! 

Baby Friendly Hike

OKC Doula Oklahoma Doula
Baby Safe Hike Oklahoma

We have a lot of experience hiking with little kids and babies already, so this hike felt pretty easy to bring our baby along. We use a snap and buckle carrier from Ergo Baby Carriers. She wasn’t walking too much at this point so we didn’t have to worry about her falling on the rocks or into cactus. 

Wichita Mountain Flowers

Blady Point Oklahoma

There are beautiful little wild flowers all over the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge! It is so relaxing to feel the Oklahoma wind blowing on you and keeping you cool in the sun while little flowers bob in the wind all around you.

There is also cactus all over the wildlife refuge so I would be mindful with your kiddos exploring around because prickly pear spikes in the skin are not fun for anyone. I am always amazed to see cactus growing wild in the Oklahoma prairie. Being from Ohio, I have only ever seen succulents at plant stores instead of the wild. 

Wichita Mountains Wildlife

Oklahoma Wildlife Baldy Point
Oklahoma Bison Wichita Mountains

The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is home to hundreds of different species of animals. Never before have I seen American Bison in the wild and surely not as close as they are around Baldy Point. There are also long horn, Rocky Mountain elk, White Tailed Deer, prairie dogs, and more. 

There are a lot of reminders around the park reminding park goers to be respectful of the wildlife. Yet, there were people approaching bison or allowing their dogs to approach them which blew my mind. Bison are anywhere from 1,000-2,200lbs each. I can’t imagine upsetting one and it charging me, my family, or a pet. I would advise to take caution and be respectful that you are in these animal’s home as visitors.  

The Hike Up Baldy Point is Worth the Incredible Views

Baldy Point Oklahoma

Hiking and climbing up Baldy point may seem daunting but it is well worth the views! We brought out littlest in a baby carrier and I carried her on my back up the side of Baldy Point. Our big kiddos were able to scale the side with my husband in front and me in the back giving them a hand up or a shove up when they needed it. I will say, your kids will take a pretty great nap after exploring around the Wichita Mountains!