Homeschool Learning Flow – The Louvre

Homeschool The Louvre

I get a lot of questions about homeschooling from friends and family.  They are mostly regarding ‘How do you do it?” or “How do you know what to study?”. Some homeschool families are much more structured in comparison to how I teach. In general, I am a more go-with-the-flow parent, especially after having three kiddos. I moved away from the rigid structure when I noticed it was driving my kids and I apart with arguments and frustration. 

I wanted to share with you all how our morning homeschool flow went today because it is a wonderful example of how we learn together.  

Learning about math with Art via the Louvre Pyramid

This morning, we started the day learning about the Louvre pyramid and museum so that we could talk about the 3D shape, the Pyramid. We watched a really cool video where you can do a video tour of the Louvre.  We then used our Roots and Blossom curriculum to learn about how to draw a 3D pyramid. 

Both of my big kids were fascinated by this video and we discussed all the different types of artwork we were seeing. The kids had so many great questions about the artwork, Paris, and how artists create their works. I really enjoy these organic conversations where the kids are the ones leading the lesson without knowing it and we get to connect! 

Inspired to Learn more about Paris, France

After watching the video tour of the Louvre mueseum, the kiddos had so many questions about France so we used Google Maps to see where Paris is and compare it to where we live. We discussed the country’s flag and language as well. Both kiddos added the flag to their pyramid artwork that they created in the beginning of the lesson. I then showed them a video of a Paris, France walking tour. They made so many observations about how the cities were different from our local cities and there was a lot of talk about beret hats! 

Paris inspired an interest in Sculptors

After seeing more sculptures  in the city of Paris tour, the kids wanted to learn how it was possible for an artist to create artwork from stone hundreds of years ago. I was super excited to share with them all that I knew from my Art History class in college. We looked through my Art History textbook which is full of gorgeous photos of artwork. Of course we also found a video that talked about how Michelangelo created the sculpture of David.  After we finished this video, the kids ran to get their play-doh so they could make sculptures as well. 

Sculpting while listening to 'French Cafe Music'

After learning about how sculptures are created by artists, the kiddos grabbed their play-doh and got to work on making their own. Feeling pretty fantastic about how this mornings lesson went, we hung out and made sculptures together while listening to ‘French Cafe’ music and talked about what we learned. 

Homeschool can Flow with your children's interests

I wanted to share with you all how easily your homeschool lessons can flow with what your kiddos are genuinely interested in. We started out day with a geometry lesson, flowed into a social studies lesson, and then moved into art. Also, because all of these lessons were interconnected with a common theme, Paris in this instance, the kids were able to make connections that they could more easily remember. Getting to listen to relaxing French singers was a plus as well!