PlayThink is One of our Favorite Events!

This last week we have been excitedly prepping for one of our most favorite events of the year, PlayThink!

We really have been counting down for the next Playthink since we drove our van out of the campground driveway last June. Our family is SO grateful for Playthink and the experience it provides for my family

OKC Doula Oklahoma Doula


Getting hosed down by the local fire department with citronella water!

From getting hosed down by the local fire department with citronella water, spending hours in the creek with my dragons, painting war paint on each other with natural clay from the creek, taking workshops, making new friends, to just talking to other parents and laughing about the journey of parenthood thus far. Playthink really is a magical experience for families.

Our adventure from the heart of Oklahoma to Kentucky is 13+ hours, yet it is 100% worth the drive. The kids, rather than getting irritated about driving a long distance, excitedly ask us how close we are in miles to the festival site. It never gets old hearing them happily squeal when the miles away keep decreasing! We are pretty lucky to have awesome little road trippers. For whatever reason, they handle long trips far better than a 20 min drive to the grocery store.


There are so many things for families to do together and apart. Prior to attending the festival, my partner and I worked out what workshops we wanted to attend or were teaching that the kids would have to be elsewhere for. This made the festival adventure pretty easy going. I would watch the dragons play in the creek with other kiddos and then my partner would come tag me out after his workshop was over so that I could take a workshop I was interested in.

This year at PlayThink 2019, the dragons are a little bit older and we are hoping that they will be excited to take kid workshops! There is even a family acro yoga class on Saturday morning!


PlaYthink is Kid Friendly

Playthink is amazing for kids of all ages to see that the world around them is vast and full of possibilities. Possibilities to learn skills, connect to others, and make memories. The other kids at the festival were so friendly with each other. It was really wonderful seeing this pack of kiddos exploring and playing together!OKC Doula Oklahoma DoulaOKC Doula Oklahoma Doula

Last year, the little dragons honestly attempted to take a fire eating workshop with me! After I explained to them why they couldn’t eat fire with mommy, they decided to practice their form with unlit torches. I can’t tell you how adorable it was seeing my, at the time, 3 and 5 year old, perfectly exhale and pretend to eat fire. Your kids really do absorb everything they see you do, which is another reason I love PlayThink. They are watching the adults in their lives interact positively, respect consent, and practice their art forms safely.

I was not joking about how much time we spent in the creek last year! It was pretty hot, so the cold creek was perfect. After playing in the water and sun all day, the kids fell asleep in their dragon wagon at the fire circle each night or cuddled in the lap of a close adult.

OKC Doula Oklahoma Doula

In Reflection

Leaving Playthink 2018, our family felt connected in a new way. Our little dragons were so excited about learning more flow arts with us as well as practicing more acro yoga. They also loved getting to tell their friends all about camping at PlayThink and all their adventures. As parents, it was really refreshing getting to connect with other like-minded parents! As a mother of dragons, I was thrilled to show my kids the big, positive, community that my partner and I are a part of.Β 
What I could not have known back then is the community & friends I connected to while at PlayThink would be a huge support for me through upcoming life obstacles. Building community & friendships at events like PlayThink make such a difference in life. It is inevitable that we as humans will encounter difficult personal obstacles in our professional, personal, and family lives, having others who can support you on your journey is wonderful.


If you have not been to PlayThink yet, I would HIGHLY recommend planning on going!Β 
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