Midwives College of Utah program goals

Goal #1: The undergraduate program aims to prepare graduates to practice at the full scope of the Certified Professional Midwife credential through the demonstration of broad, integrative, and specialized knowledge. 

Goal #2: The undergraduate program aims to advance equity and access in midwifery, as well as to prepare graduates to serve in diverse communities in culturally safe, ethical, and collaborative ways.

Goal #3The undergraduate program aims to prepare graduates for reflective practice and a perpetual commitment to advancing quality and professional direct-entry midwifery.

Read more about MCU’s Program Goals Here. 

Academic Goals

Goal #1 Graduate with my BSM with a 3.8 cumulative GPA or higher.

Goal #2 Graduate with my BSM in four years or less.

Goal #3 Build relationships with fellow students around the world at MCU and with midwives in my local area. Connection is a massive piece to the growth and sustainability of midwifery. 

Personal goals

Goal #1 Run a half marathon before I turn 35

Goal #2 Build a small farm with my family that centers our family, permaculture, and sustainability in a community that we can connect with and build our skills. 

Goal #3 Complete a Route 66 Motorcycle ride with my dad and earn my first patch.