***Summer 2023

CourseNameAtmp. CreditsErn. CreditsGradePoints
BIOL 1050Anatomy and Physiology of Obstetrics3.000.00IP
BOTNY 2010Advanced Herbology2.000.00IP
CLNC 1050 – BWPhase One Competencies0.000.00AUD
HIST 1010History of Midwifery1.000.00IP
MDWF 1040IV Skills1.500.00IP
MDWF 1050Midwife’s Assistant Orientation3.500.00IP
Totals 11.000.00  
Term GPA 0.00      Cumulative GPA 3.93
CourseNameAtmp. CreditsErn. CreditsGradePoints
BOTNY 1010Herbology for Midwives2.002.00A8.00
ENGL 1050Technical Writing for Midwives1.001.00A4.00
HLTH 1010Medical Terminology and Charting3.003.00A12.00
MATH 1010Math with Statistics2.002.00A8.00
MDWF 1030Human Lactation1.001.00A-3.70
SOSC 1010Equity & Anti-Oppression in Midwifery Care: Understanding Difference, Power & Privilege2.002.00A-7.40
Totals 11.0011.00  
Term GPA 3.92      Cumulative GPA 3.93
CourseNameAtmp. CreditsErn. CreditsGradePoints
BIOL 1010Anatomy for Health Professionals2.002.00A8.00
CLNC 1010Phase One Practicum3.003.00A12.00
COMM 1010Outward Mindset & Dialogue in Organizational, Community, and Relationship Transformation1.001.00A4.00
ENGL 1010Introduction to Writing2.002.00A-7.40
MDWF 1010Introduction to Midwifery1.001.00A4.00
Totals 9.509.50  
Term GPA 3.93      Cumulative GPA 3.93