How to Care for your Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss cheese plant OKC

how to Care for your Swiss Cheese Plant What is a Swiss Cheese Plant? Monstera adansonii, Five Holes Plant, or the Swiss cheese plant is a tropical, vining perennial that is super popular as a house plant! It is one of 41 varieties of the Monstera genus. This plant has gorgeous, bright green, glossy, heart […]

Icky Sicky Chickens – Battling Mycoplasmosis

Mycoplasmosis in Backyard Chicken Flocks

Ick Sicky Chickens – Battling Mycoplasmosis Discovering bubbles Last week I faced my first chicken ailment! I let my hens out in the morning and thought my hen, Sage, had a white eye. I instantly thought maybe one of the other chickens had pecked her and caused her to have a terrible wound. Although, my […]

Growing Alongside Your Garden

OKC Doula Oklahoma Doula

Growing Alongside your Garden “A Mental Shift is required if we want to gofrom fear to faith, from scarcity to abundance,from being average to being awesome.”― Malcolm Johansson If you have ever tried to garden, you know that making mistakes is an inevitable part of the process! For years, I have read books on farming, urban […]

Introducing: Our Garden

OKC Doula Oklahoma Doula

I have been so excited to share our new raised bed gardens with you all! We closed on our new home at the beginning of May and in no time at all, we started our first big project, a raised bed garden! After years of watching videos, reading books & articles, and asking anyone with […]

Hiatus Over! I am Back!!

OKC Doula Oklahoma Doula

I know I have been MIA for a little while! The last year has been absolutely JAM-PACKED with growth for our family, including the addition of a new family member & a new home!! Thankfully, I’m back at creating posts for the website now that things have settled down. I am very much looking forward […]

Hustling Towards Burnout

Hustling Towards Burnout Blog by Jenni Jenkins

Hustling Towards Burnout The Glamorization of ‘the Hustle’           Currently, the ‘Hustle Life’ is hugely popular amongst various types of professionals, especially those who are self-employed. It seems as if wherever you look, there are examples of the glorification of ‘Hustling’. Friends or family members will proudly discuss how they are taking their business to the […]

Y’all Means All! – Oklahoma City Pride Parade 2019

OKC Pride Oklahoma City Pride Parade Yall means all

Y’all Means All! – Oklahoma City Pride Parade 2019 Our trip to the Oklahoma City Pride Parade This morning, the dragon family hurried to get ready and out the door earlier than usual! I had a lot of plans in store for the morning, the first of which was the Paseo Arts District Farmers Market […]

A Quick Note: Relax & Process

Little girl in unicorn onesie passed out in her tent at PlayThink

Our family recently returned from an incredible adventure at PlayThink Festival in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. After traveling over 28 hours total with kiddos and spending five days camping while playing, learning, and socializing in the Kentucky sun, we were all ready for a super lazy day back at home. The best after-festival lazy days include staying […]

PlayThink: The Life-Changing Experience

PlayThink Festival and Kids

PlayThink is One of our Favorite Events! This last week we have been excitedly prepping for one of our most favorite events of the year, PlayThink! We really have been counting down for the next Playthink since we drove our van out of the campground driveway last June. Our family is SO grateful for Playthink […]

Exciting News!

Flow Arts Institute

I am thrilled to announce that I was recently hired as an Article Writer for the Flow Arts Institute! This was a massive goal of mine and I am ECSTATIC guys! What is the Flow Arts Institute? The Flow Arts Institute is a company that works towards promoting the practice of flow arts by hosting […]